3D Scanning

Dyce Engineering Services Limited are pleased to be able to offer a 3D scanning service.

3D Scanning is a fast, efficient process used to survey existing process plants, it gives highly accurate results with almost no limit on the detail that is possible. The non-contact measuring system provides reliable data which interfaces with most 3D CAD packages.

Using a tripod mounted scanner similar to traditional surveying devices vast areas of complex plant & piping can be captured in 3D accurately and efficiently, several scans need to be taken before the individual images are then combined (point cloud registration), the resulting 3D model provides an accurate base on which to engineer any new designs or modifications safe in the knowledge that the measurements are accurate.

The benefits of 3D Scanning


  • Accurate - A conservative estimate would be all measurements are +/- 3mm (this can be improved if required)
  • High quality and quantity of data captured - The laser scanner is able to measure at speeds of up to 976,000 pts / sec and up to a range of 130 meters

Time / Cost

  • Less time is required on site to carry out any site survey, reducing manpower costs and other associated expenses.
  • One visit only - As the scanner captures everything the need for return to site for further surveyors are almost eliminated.
  • Reduced rework costs - The accurate measurements result in less risk of fabrication or design errors reducing the need for corrective work.
  • Reduced access costs (scaffolding etc) - All areas that can be seen from the ground (line of sight) will be measured accurately without the need for additional scaffolding.

Health and Safety

  • Less time will be required on site - Reducing the risk to engineers working in hazardous or high traffic areas
  • No-Contact required during measurement - Reduced risk of burns or trapping
  • Removes the need of working at height from scaffolding or ladders - As all areas that can be seen from the ground (line of sight) will be measured without the need for scaffolding.

Scanning Applications

Typical scanning applications include:

  • Existing plant modification and pipe routing
  • Design visualization
  • Plant relocation
  • Clash detection
  • Virtual site visits
  • Safety & rescue planning
  • Construction visualisation
  • As-built documentation 

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