ECAD - The Engineering Exchange

ECAD is an engineering company / network of Engineers that deliver complex capital projects for their clients by providing Management and subject matter expertise.

From experience ECAD management has recognised that there is an increasing gap in the market for engineering skill sets creating a major obstacle in the timely delivery of CAPEX projects. By the of use of on-line collaboration tools and the development of a network of capable engineers, that are available when needed, ECAD aims to address this skills shortage and so offer a highly cost effective and efficient service to their clients.Established in January 2007 the company began leveraging the power of an on-line network of Engineers in 2018.

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As part of this partnership DYCE Engineering Services can provide support for larger projects by utilizing additional expertise and support as required.

For any enquires please contact Dyce Engineering Services by our contact us page or ECAD Ltd directly by following the link on the ECAD website (link above)



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Tel: +44 (0) 1924 802105